- Mary Poppins

- Rehearsals June 14 & 15  

- Shows June 16 & 17

- Show Times 7pm 

*Dates and times subject to change

June Story Book Recital

New Facility 

Patsy Watson School of Dance

3808 S. Cedar St

Lansing MI, 48910 



- 3 studio rooms

- Cozy Lobby w/ TV viewing monitors

- Two way viewing mirrors 

- 2 Dressing Rooms

- Dancers Lounge

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  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Tumbling/Gymnastic
  • Jazz/Hip-Hop
  • Adult Beginner Ballet
  • Adult Beginner  Tap
  • Tabata
  • Yoga
  • Zumba


  PWSD provides affordable, enjoyable, structured classes for my daughters. They are learning so much more than just dance. They learn poise, posture, discipline, dedication, etiquette, and much more. The owners are passionate, take their jobs seriously, and have high expectations for their dancers. We love this studio!

- Sam Brent

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- Family owned business for 63 years.

- We are affordable. 

- We Dance, have fun, teach discipline, character, and wellness of the body mind

and soul.

Call Us:  +1.5178826871

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Studio Hours

Monday - Thursday : 5:00pm - 9:00 pm.

Friday - Closed

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00 pm.

Sunday: Closed

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   I love my daughter going here!;) great place for little girls to learn ballet. Reasonable prices, and they are friendly and answer any questions uh you have.

                             - Kara Cook