Studio Dress Code & Policies 

  • Hair
    • MUST be in a bun with no bangs (dancers will NOT be allowed into class if hair is not properly done.)
  • Attire
    • Tan Tights
      • Must be purchased from PWSD at Registration $8.00 per pair order as many as needed. 
    • Black or Pink Leotard 
    • Jazz/Tumbling Students may wear dance shorts/pants
  • Male Dancers
    • ​Black Shoes (for type of dance)
    • Black Dance pants
    • White T-Shirt
  • Shoes 
    • ​May be purchased through PWSD at a Huge discount 
    • May be purchased at Bottoms up in Okemos
    • DO NOT buy shoes from payless,walmart,target,meijer etc. They are not permitted for recital attire, and poor quality material for dancers feet.
      • Ballet
        • Pink Leather Ballet shoes 
          • PWSD Price : $15.00
          • Bottoms up Price: $19.00
      • Tap
        • Tan leather slip on tap shoes(Vanessa's Thursday Tap will wear ribbon tie shoes due to size)
          • PWSD Price : $22.00- $30
          • Bottoms up Price :​ $26-$38
      • Jazz/Hiphop & Musical Theater
        • ​Tan Leather slip on Jazz shoes
          • ​PWSD Price: $28.00
          • Bottoms up Price: $34.00
      • Tumbling & Lyrical 
        • ​Bare feet
  • Lobby
    • Water is the ONLY beverage allowed in the studio
    • Do NOT bring outside food into the studio, snacks are available for purchase.
    • Please do NOT leave children unattended in the lobby, If you choose to drop of your dancer off and they have a break between classes they must sit in the dancers den and read a book/homework/color until their next class. 
      • ​$1.00 per minute will be added to your account for children left unsupervised.
    • Dressing rooms are only to be used for changing clothes. They are not a hang out for students, dancers may "hang out" in the dancers den. 
    • ​Please supervise your young children in the bathroom. 

  • Class Room / Drop off & Pick up
    • Arrive 15 Mins Early to class 
    • Attendance is monitored a perfect attendance award will be given at the end of the year. 
    • Make up classes are highly suggested 
    • Please have your dancer use the bathroom BEFORE class :) 
    • Refer to your teacher as Ms. Patsy, Ms. Rhonda, or Ms Vanessa.
    • Dancers are expected to not talk in class & be respectful to teachers and other dancers.
    • Parents must remain in the lobby unless asked by instructor to enter.
    • No Street shoes allowed in the studios. 
    • Please be 10 mins early to pick up your dancer
    • If your dancers class is the last class of the evening be sure you are 10 mins early.
      • For every Minute after closing time $1 will be charged to your account. 
        • ​Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Studio closes at 9pm
        • Wednesday Studio closes at 8:45pm
        • Saturday Studio closes at 12pm


August :
7th 10am-11am
15th 12-1pm
23rd 2-3pm
31st 6-9pm.



​*Come in at these times get fitted and place your order