2016-2017 Policies & Tuition Agreement                                 

  Tuition, Fees & Payment Policies. (Recital Policies & agreements will be handed out during costume ordering time)
1. 1st & 2nd Months tuition is due at time of registration before student enters class  

2. Registration Fee is due at time of enrollment                                                                             
3. Tuition for the up coming month is due on or before the 7th the month prior               
4. Payments made on or after the 8th will have a $10 late fee added                                                 
5. Accounts with a balance of 2 months may not participate in class until paid in full

6. PWSD has a NO Refunds Policy, on any classes, attire, merchandise, or tickets. (Make up classes are encouraged)
7. Returned Checks will have a $25 fee
8. Tuition is broken up into 10 equal monthly payments (All months 3 or 5 week remain the same)
9. Payments may be made in Cash, Check, Credit/Debit (fee applies) or online portal
10. You may pay tuition in studio, online,  drop slot, or send by mail.
11. Each student is required to participate in 1 studio fundraiser. (highest seller receives T-shirt - Water bottle & Free Summer Lessons!)
          a. We do 3-4 fundraisers any additional fundraisers to your required one you receive 60% of profit of. 

Dress Code Policies
12. Dancers must come with hair up off face pulled back in to a bun & NO STREET CLOTHES
13. Leotard & Tights Policies
         a. Prep Classes May wear fun colored leotards, but must be in leotard & tights
         b. Levels 1,2,3 & 4 must wear Pink or black leotard & Lt. Suntan convertible tights
         c. Adults may wear yoga style clothes
         d. Gentlemen black dance pants & black or white t-shirt only. 
14. Ladies Shoes – Correct shoes are required for recital participation.
         a. Pink Leather Ballet shoes. Ties should be knotted and trimmed to ½ inch. We prefer shoes from bottoms up.Point shoes must be approved by Rhonda
         b. Tan Tap shoes
                  a. Prep Classes & Thursday Level 1 Tap – Tan Ribbon tie elastic tap shoes from bottoms up or discount dance item #N625C
                  b. All other Level 1, 2 & 3 are required to have Tan slip on Tap shoes from bottoms up or discount dance item #T9100C, or #T9100.

         c. Tumbling & Lyrical  – Bare feet (lyrical may wear foot thongs if wishes)
         d. Hip/Hop Jazz  - Tan slip on leather jazz shoes


General Studio Policies
15. No Food, Drinks or gum are allowed in studio other then Water.
16. Please park in a designated parking sport or along entrance side of building (do not block driveways).
         a You may use hookah lounge parking if we are full. Do not park in the ARA Lot.
17. Please do not leave your children at the studio when not in class unless they have a break between classes.
18. Classes that end at 9pm, please be there at 8:45pm.
19. When you are finished with a chair please place it back along wall
20. Photos and videos will be taken and used on social media unless other wise noted by guardian.
21. Recital and costume policies will be handed out in November there will be a small recital fee and contract
22. To withdraw from a class a 30-day written notice must be given. You are responsible for payments until then
23. If a significant amount of classes are missed, private lessons may be required to re enter class
24. Please check your personal mailbox at the beginning of each month. - We will NOT pass out papers due to waist.
          a. You can find all-important info on our Facebook group “dance pwsd” please search and ask to join.
25. We do not follow school closing in the winter. Please check out FB page/ group for weather updates by 2pm.

Policies & Dress Code